What is a Buyer's Agent and why would I need one?

Buyer Agency is the highest level of client representation afforded to a Buyer by a Real Estate Professional. In this form of agency, we assist you in finding property, researching property details, providing comparative market data and expert advice, while negotiating the price and terms on your behalf. Protecting and representing your interests in the real estate transaction is our complete and ultimate objective. The service begins as soon as possible prior to an offer. During our first meeting, we will discuss this form of agency, and this is one of the primary reasons for an initial office visit prior to viewing real estate. The service requires that you acknowledge your desire for client level service by signing a Brokerage Engagement Agreement which outlines our services to you and your intent to hire us. This relationship allows us to provide you with the ultimate care and expertise. There are many obstacles and nuances involved in purchasing a property, and this is especially true when the property is located on Lake Lanier. Lake property values are heavily influenced by dock rights and permits granted by the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers. These rights and permits are most often part of the lake real estate transaction, and they demand a real estate professional with specific lake knowledge and experience. Allow us to be your Buyer's Agent! It protects and promotes all of our interests! 

How Much Does Buyer Agency Cost?

As your Buyer's Agent, our services are normally free! We clearly outline our services and how we work in the Buyer Brokerage Agreement. In the unlikely event that there is a foreseeable fee, we will always provide that disclosure to you, and let you decide whether our service is worthy of any expenditure on your behalf!

I Don't Want To Sign Anything!

We understand! And we feel the same way! But Georgia Law requires us to explain the laws of agency to you, and the Brokerage Engagement Agreement serves as our foundation for doing just that. It confirms that you have hired us to work for you. It documents our employment by you and even gives you the right to fire us if you're unhappy with our service. You're the CEO!

Buyer Agency works for you and us. Call or email us today for all of the details. As always, we are here to answer any questions and help in any way!